%The Transfigurative Museum<

edit: Site, not Museum


All museums I've ever seen are transformative. They go from A1 to A2 to A3 and so forth. What they do follows an easily recognizable pattern. This famous artist, then these less famous artists, then this less famous artist, then these more famous artists, or whatever.


If they face criticism, they just change A to B: now we're showing an artist outside of Europe, now we show more living artists, now we show this new thing called the internet, et cetera, ad infinitum. 


A transfigurative museum would be at first a museum, then a homeless dog shelter, after that a parcel service, next an illegal gambling house, or whatever. The change is not strictly logical nor deducible from the previous state. I wanted to use refugee center as an example but found it begging for likes.


This text, too, is transfigurative. From today onwards, I'll mark all my texts as transfigurative by adding random symbols around the title. Or maybe not, as it gets predictable pretty easy. But then again, not being predictable is not solely the point, but living in a world in ways.


My writing is sort of horrible. And I never use references because I'm not trying to get you to read more. 


As a writer, I'm a liability risk. I might produce poetry where an essay is requested, or boring academic text where a quirky artistic intervention was hoped for.


A friend I knew for a very brief period of time is not here anymore and I see them on strangers' faces. It's late and I can't sleep and I thought I could just hammer out this text. This is the weakest chapter but that's ok by my standards. I'm not a DJ who does build-ups, either.


I have zero expectations for Finnish art museums & galleries. There are no artists I would like to see instead what they're showing. What I hope for is ecstatic action. I should start from myself. I'm now a museum. Always been, will never be, might be again.


What is ecstasy? This is not a transfigurative text because I am a person who has a style and that always taints everything.


What is exsxtasy? It already sounds like a bad idea to use that word because there's no way you will not find it laughable. Maybe we can work with that laugh. Keep it going for two weeks if you can spare the time. 


So what is ecstatic action? Total, unsparing commitment to being present. No one working in a building that shows art in Helsinki does that currently. Maybe you live somewhere else and wonder why I keep thinking about that city of 600 000 people and countless ants and bacteria.

Maybe you're not into museums and wonder why I talk about em. Yes perhaps it's futile to try and change a site that's 1. so deeply rooted in stealing from others, 2. designed to boost the value of its home country, 3. insisting on art being something that only a skilled, educated, and blessed few can do.

The transfigurative museum: sometimes it concerns you. But perhaps sometimes, it doesn't, since you're not a package, a dog, or a gambling addict. Everything is not for "you", man.

I feel I've been all of em but really that's just cheap imitation. Even my gambling addiction that took away years from my life now feel likes an act. Wanna hear more? Let's meet. I know this vacant building that used to be a casino. We should be able to fit in, I think. You would think.


The Transfigurative Museum by Pappa Modig who hoped to receive visibility and money with this text. Just pointing it out. Happy I published this on my own site means I can come and change this indefinitely.

When you can't sleep, you trust your ideas more, unless you need to sleep. 


How many lines can you take? That's something Kimesco would say. How many? 


The title is wrong it should be The Transfigurative Site. Corrected it. See this is not a linear text.

From today onwards, I will look for you. Of course I won't, since my enemies read this too. I wonder how it feels to read that, since writing it caused a sensation of weight in my lungs, if that makes sense. I'm not a native speaker. One more pun: I'm a native time for a few more questions from the audience.


Tip: You shouldn't write about those already deceased in the middle of the night when you're sleeping alone, well, writing alone. 


Unrelated, but: you've fallen in difficult love with yourself. Proof: the way you read?