f u for coming here for help (2015)

f u for coming here for help

f me for depending on yr taste

theatre, i get that

people crave stories, i do 2

kimmo gets up talks, no prob

education’s like that, too

one talks others listen

u can alternate the structure

but it still originates in storytelling

all performances originate in storytelling 8)

they do they do they do the end

just like all musics are reactions to the beat

2nd viennese school = angry denial

sound art = coy denial

contemporary art, on the other hand

originates in art market

inst crit and conceptual art = knee-jerk reactions 2 money

contemporary art is da crisis of ownership

(maybe of value too idk)

hi i’m from finland, no art market


cheers, soviet-union-after-the-war 

i wouldn’t wanted to have U.S. influences anyway

i mean i got into that stuff, eventually

late teens, fell in love with 70’s new york

like every other creative type in eurasia

then i grew up

woke up, like

this is not my story

this is not my beautiful house 

i mean gallery space

gallery space makes no sense 2 me

where’s the story

where’s the beat

it’s not the ideology that perplexes me

but the weight_less_ness

here i am regardless

that reminds me of how we 

the schengen-based, peripheral artists from finland greece et cetera

when we come to london we put on our show

of an enlightened tourist, judging all

forcing a rye bread diet on supposed coke heads 

imperium strikes back on imperium

i mean i’m not an outsider

the moment i did my first value judgement

about someone else’s art

i became part of this show

i can scuplt it into a quote for u

Whenever we form an opinion about art, we attend to the creation of that same speculative value system that is making us depressed and passive.

what to show? 

why show?

who's looking?

where from?


criticizing works by living people is futile

bodies stand in the way of the works

criticism should be reserved for dead people’s works

like how u shouldn’t hang out w ghosts either

pic: Plastiques photography. 
The poem was made for Life gallery, curated by Harry Burke and Oscar Khan. First shown at SPACE, London, 2015. 
Other works on the show were by Morag Keil and Caspar Heinemann.