helberg outtake

pic by Jani-Matti Salo

pic and original video footage (on the animted gif) by Jani-Matti Salo

OFFICIAL TITLE: 270 Minutes (for Toivo), with parts I, II, and III
WORKING TITLE: Court of Helberg/Helburg
AUTHOR: Kimmo Modig
PERSONNEL: Georges Jacotey (virtual set design), Jani-Matti Salo (lighting design), Melanie Jame Wolf (last words)
TYPE: Play
LENGTH: 90 minutes
TAGS: monologue; theatre; performance; voice; Helsinki
TAGLINE: This winter, everyone gets judged
BRIEF: "Kimmo Modig takes the metaphorical empty stage and talks for 90 minutes, touching on a variety of topics."
DATES: 11 Nov (premiere), 15 Nov, 16 Nov
PLACE: Teatteri Toivo, Telakkakatu 6, Helsinki
CONTEXT, CO-PRODUCER: Baltic Circle international theatre festival
IMAGES: Click here. By Tani Simberg
THANK YOU: Moks Residency / John & Evelyn, Ptarmigan residency / John W. F.