G and K

Artist duo from Europe, consisting of 
Georges Jacotey & Kimmo Modig.

Contact: georgeskimmo at gmail

Jan 2016
G and K and J and S will meet at Dresden, Germany.
Here's the video G and K made on their own.
Here's what the quartet did.

Oct 2015
K interviews G for NAKEDBUTSAFE. pics here.

June and August 2015
G curates "Learning from Georges" for Fokidos gallery.
K shows the works shortly after in Such gallery, Helsinki. 

Feb 2015
"I Was Gonna Cancel"
Sorbus Gallery, Helsinki
exhibition/music video

K wrote about feelings before the show
G wrote about feelings after the show

The video, below, was filmed in Athens by Peristeri On.
Please visit genius.com to grasp the full story. 
Jean Kay from aqnb.com wrote about the show.

A mixtape was compiled. It features tracks that inspire and encourage G and K.

Pictures from the show by Tuomo Tuovinen, except the bottom one by Otto Byström. 


Feb 2014
"Expiration Date: Now"
Frown space, Athens