Hi i'm Kimmo Modig and here are some things that I've done or am doing.

Online art:

Rose (2106), a group show, curated by Valentina Fois. I wrote the dialogue for Rose. Reviewed on Rhizome.

Hot New World Views (2106), based on an IRL show and our friendship & anxieties and online rants. Featured on Rhizome, as well.

Applied Art (2014), my art applications experienced as an interactive web page.

Landlording (2014-), a video series depicting the life of Kimesco, a young real-estate poet.


Me and Georges Jacotey did this and this.

This is where it started for me in 2012, that, when I'm hungry I eat the ground under my feet.

I did this for an AQNBxVideo in Common screening in Assembly Point, London.

I founded (and lost) Antagon sound art biennale. And I directed these intro and outro videos.


I wrote these texts in 2016: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. And this in 2015. And also this for a show in Space, London, in 2015.


We make music with Biitsi.


I do shows, too, yes. Everything is done for the people who invite me to the space that we're in (or aren't).
Peppermint oil to keep unwanted visitors at bay, social anxiety charts to explain away my feels, a Finnish flag painted white for a show in Athens for a sign of North's surrender (and a coffee mug), ran walked a gallery with Jussi Koitela once that was great once.
I read cards, too, since art really is about believing, which reminds me too bad Frank Ramsey died so young.


If you really need to know everything I've ever done,
message me and I'll perform you my past mistakes and matches. via facebook thank you.