Image with text: Your works are your children, They hold the mirror up to you

hii CV here (2015-)
isn't anxious comparison or hurried measurement what you're here for no

I am one half of the artist duo Biitsi, we're great, check us out here

My art blog is a way for you to dig deep into Helsinki art scene. Also twitter

Against my instincts, I had a solo show (click for documentation) in Helsinki Art Museum's gallery, in Spring 2017. It was the best thing I've done on my own and precisely the kind of thing I wanted to see taking placev :))

We're doing a radio show with Steph Kretowicz, based on their book Somewhere I've Never Been. Listen here.

Martin Born commissioned me to wrote for the catalogue of a group show they curated in Bielefed, Germany. Really happy w that text. It's here.

Bunch of us artist types did this collaborative show at EKKM, Tallinn, opened in August 4.

BONUS PIECE for you: Meeting Georges Jacotey (2017, print) (click here to view it)

-----the stuff below is just random links to old stuff etc.

Here's a selection of my past activities:

Online art:

Grant Applications Guide (2017) for Svilova, Gothenburg.

Rose (2106), a group show, curated by Valentina Fois. I wrote the dialogue for Rose. Reviewed on Rhizome.

Hot New World Views (2106), based on an IRL show and our friendship & anxieties and online rants. Featured on Rhizome, as well. With Shawné Michaelain Holloway, Georges Jacotey, Jennifer Chan.

Applied Art (2014), my artist's grant applications presented as an interactive web page, 2gether with Jenna Sutela and PWR.


Me and Georges did this and this.

This is where it started for me in 2012, that, when I'm hungry I eat the ground under my feet.

Landlording (2014-), a video series depicting the life of Kimesco, a young real-estate poet. Done with Tuomas A. Laitinen.

I did this video for an AQNBxVideo in Common screening in Assembly Point, London.

I founded (and lost) Antagon sound art biennale. Also I directed these intro and outro videos for it.


I wrote these texts in 2016: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. And this in 2015. And also this for a show in Space, London, in 2015.


I've put Peppermint oil into a show to keep unwanted visitors at bay, drawn social anxiety charts to explain institutional horror, installed a Finnish flag painted white for a show in Athens as a sign of North's speculative surrender (and a coffee mug to go with it), and ran walked a gallery with Jussi Koitela once. I read cards, too, since art really is about believing in that moment of exchange.


I write audio strategies, via TOCC. I teach and do workshops, something I love to do, most frequently at University of Arts, Helsinki, and in Cologne university. I was in the Space residency in White Building, London, 2015/2016. And then at FACT, in Liverpool once. 


money at kimmomodig d o t com.