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Oct 2016: Wrote this thing about a few shows here in Helsinki.

Sep 2016: I wrote a text where I asked whether art criticism is art. Here.

I wrote a text "about" events. It was "published" here.
August 2016: I wrote a text "about" art museums. It was "published" here.
June 2016: Chloe O'Neill wrote about our show, Hot New World Views, for Rhizome.
New Landlording episode
June 2016: a new single by Biitsi
May 2016: a video for AQNB x Assembly Point, London:


May 2016: Go check out the trailer for upcoming Landlording episode. Landlording follows
Kimesco, a young real estate investor, who loves to talk deep and build high.
Made together with Tuomas A. Laitinen.


May 2016: did a performance in New Performance Club, Turku. Emotional.


Feb 2016: a video we just made with Georges Jacotey, in Dresden.

Hot New World Viewz is what we did when me, Jennifer Chan, Shawné Michaelain Holloway, and Georges Jacotey met IRL.
Book us for talks, exhibitions, and funerals. Jan/Feb 2016. 
New music from BIITSI, a duo I'm in. Listen to us in soundcloud. Jan 2016.
Thank you to Ariel P. Uro for putting together the "Best Regards," exhibition at Jyväskylä, Finland. Great selection of video works, go check em out here. Jan 2016.
Going to Sweden. Early feb 2016.
This radio play was made together with the people who showed up for my event at White Building, titled "LIVING WITH MONEY".
I asked participants to think about creative industry and how it sounds. People proposed sounds and I mixed them together.
Some of the stuff, like the call center and laughter, we recorded ourselves on the fly.
Took us maybe 15min in total. Thank you for giving life. Nov 2015. 










q: can you love and be loved?

a: yes


"helsinki group" a group show in gallery augusta finland 11/2015. curated by Valentinas Klimasauskas.
I presented a "new work" in the show:

Protection From Unwanted Visitors (i know from experience it works on mice)
size variable
drops of peppermint oil on various surfaces


- another thing was The Wrong digital biennale, 11/2015.
Curator par excellence Valentina Fois invited me to part of their pavilion, titled Utopia-Internet-Dystopia.
I "created" a new work for it titled "Current (for Wrong Biennale & Valentina F.)". It was easily one of the "better" things I've "done",
but pretty sure no one really "saw" it, based on my web site statistics, for example (which are not reliable as the work was on view at the Biennale's site, too):


I "gave" a "lecture" + a "workshop" at the University of Köln, Nov 2015.
It's written down in here so it must've happened.



I sometimes teach this course titled ART IS MEANINGLESS AND I WANT MY LIFE TO MEAN SOMETHING".
Been doing it quite a few times: Helsinki 2014, Köln 2015-2016, Helsinki 2016, London 2015 (performance),
Västerås Sweden 2016, Turku 2016 (performance).


grant application from 2015 (didn't get it):

hakemus skrlle


EVERGREENS (2012-2015):

a poem i wrote for harry burke and oscar khan:

f u for coming here for help (2015)

f u for coming here for help

f me for depending on yr taste

theatre, i get that

people crave stories, i do 2

kimmo gets up talks, no prob

education’s like that, too

one talks others listen

u can alternate the structure

but it still originates in storytelling

all performances originate in storytelling 8)

they do they do they do the end

just like all musics are reactions to the beat

2nd viennese school = angry denial

sound art = coy denial

contemporary art, on the other hand

originates in art market

inst crit and conceptual art = knee-jerk reactions 2 money

contemporary art is da crisis of ownership

(maybe of value too idk)

hi i’m from finland, no art market


cheers, soviet-union-after-the-war 

i wouldn’t wanted to have U.S. influences anyway

i mean i got into that stuff, eventually

late teens, fell in love with 70’s new york

like every other creative type in eurasia

then i grew up

woke up, like

this is not my story

this is not my beautiful house 

i mean gallery space

gallery space makes no sense 2 me

where’s the story

where’s the beat

it’s not the ideology that perplexes me

but the weight_less_ness

here i am regardless

that reminds me of how we 

the schengen-based, peripheral artists from finland greece et cetera

when we come to london we put on our show

of an enlightened tourist, judging all

forcing a rye bread diet on supposed coke heads 

imperium strikes back on imperium

i mean i’m not an outsider

the moment i did my first value judgement

about someone else’s art

i became part of this show

i can scuplt it into a quote for u

Whenever we form an opinion about art, we attend to the creation of that same speculative value system that is making us depressed and passive.

what to show? 

why show?

who's looking?

where from?


criticizing works by living people is futile

bodies stand in the way of the works

criticism should be reserved for dead people’s works

like how u shouldn’t hang out w ghosts either

pic: Plastiques photography. 
The poem was made for Life gallery, curated by Harry Burke and Oscar Khan. First shown at SPACE, London, 2015. 



for Morehshin Allahyari & Myriam Vanneschi

at aqnb

at Baltic Circle

with Jennifer Chan, Shawné Michaelain Holloway, Jacotey

at Finnish National Theatre

with Georges Jacotey

for in situ gallery (text here)

with Jussi Koitela

with Tuomas A. Laitinen

for Life/Sport

with Jenni Markkanen

with Jaakko Pallasvuo

at Ptarmigan

at Rhizome

with Jenna Sutela, PWR

for V4ult gallery (video here)

for Vibes

currently at White Building, frame_space residency, London, thinking if 

Surrender (Finnish flag painted white, 2014). Pic: Paavo Lehtonen.


money @ k i m m o m o d i g d o t c o m

this is me on the regular